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Old 10-16-2016, 06:53 PM
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Default IPTV and Sreaming

I have to admit I have long lamented - if Hulu and Netflix can stream reliably why is there ever and issue with IPTV? Even the best ones will loose a channel or have some freezing. One of biggest one is unwatchable.
The answer I have always been given is well they have a lot more resources and are huge and it's not the same thing.

Netflix when tested does work very well without issue.

This week I tested out Hulu and found something very interesting.
Testing was done on a Computer, a Roku, and a Smart TV.
All three experienced the same issues on a fast internet connection.
  • Buffering issues
  • Shows that never came up
  • Freezing

The QED of all this is that I now look at IPTV a little differently. The providers here are the best of IPTV and they work very well. I had actually been viewing them a bit critical and not giving them all the credit they really deserve. Nothing at this time will never freeze or be perfect.

So we should try to stay positive. If there is an issue, report it in the feedback thread for the provider. It is in their interest to fix issues, and they will.

Note that we will have free trial codes to Hulu, Netflix etc in the Free content section
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