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MAG 254 / MAG 255 ~ Fast and powerful IPTV Set-Top box that is built to work with demanding and resource-intense applications. Best Seller

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Old 03-04-2016, 12:16 AM
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Default Quick Start for the MAG254

>Send your MAC addy in

> Unpack your box and place the included batteries into the remote control.

> Connect your HDMI and Ethernet cables to your MAG254, then plug in the power

> Wait for the system to completely startup, it might take what feels like hours. It will start up in what is called the Inner portal (also know as the Embedded portal).

> Navigate to the Menu Guide tab at bottom press OK to access the Help menu where you can read up on all aspects for using the device before setting it up.

> Click on the Settings Icon and then choose System Settings.

> Network is the first choice you are presented with. Click on the icon and from there choose either Wired or Wireless (you will need an external adapter).

> Click on Wired and then Auto (DHCP), press Exit to get back to the System Settings menu.

> Now choose Servers, first server is called General, click on it and you will be presented with a place to enter a server name with NTP beside it. Type and press OK to save.

> Next server is Portal, there are 2 Portals that are able to be filled out. For now just use the first one. For Portal 1 name type in Service Name, move to the Portal URL and enter Service url (it is not necessary to use the http://) and press OK to save. That is it for the portal servers.

> Now choose Video and set the resolution you wish to use. Set the video output mode to 720p-60 or 1080i-60 or 1080p-60 depending on the resolution you wish to use. For graphic resolution set it to 1280x720 for 720p and 1980x1080 for 1080i and p. Make sure to press OK to save.

> Now go to Advanced Settings: these settings are important for the time settings.
- Language: choose the language you wish to have the menus in.
- Timezone: toggle left or right to scroll through the area/cities until you find your location or the closest one to your location. You can also press the Aspect Ratio button on the remote and it will bring up the list of area/countries and you can scroll through to find your location. Make sure to press OK to save your settings.

> Now the device has to reboot, after it reboots you should be in the NFPS portal. If you end up with a blank screen press Exit several times to get to the Portal main screen. Use the left right arrow buttons on the remote to choose your options at the bottom of the screen.

Some settings need to be done and checked on for the outer portal.

> Use the left/right arrow buttons until you get to Settings then press OK.

> Use the up/down buttons and choose Localization, verify your Language, Country, City and Timezone. When the cursor is on an option press the OK button and it will bring up a list of choices, except for City where you use the left/right buttons to toggle through the choices, select the one that applies to you.

> You can go through the Network, Video, Audio, Playback options to set them to your choice as they might be different that what you had set in the inner portal.

> The Portal option is for the outer portal and what happens when the STB starts up. The choices are Main Menu and Last TV Channel, you can decide which you prefer.
- It is highly recommended to set this option to Main Menu. In the event of a power failure the STB will turn back on in fully operational mode, if left on the Last TV Channel it would start using internet resources and you would not be aware of it. This would come as a big surprise to someone when the monthly bill arrives if you happen to be on a limited line.

> Advanced Settings - if you are having freezing issues try setting the buffer (in seconds) to a higher value, maximum is 15 seconds. You can also adjust the time interval for the screen saver, the other options leave alone for the time being.

> The server option is for the NTP server. Make sure it is incase it didn't save the settings before.

> There is also an option to go to the inner portal if you wish to do so.
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