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Echo 08-12-2015 01:35 PM

Wipe Out and load r11 without using MC or USB.
Updating the new firmware from the network. Latest firmware from infomir is r11.

Boot the Mag and go to Bios by pressing Menu button on the remote until blue screen comes up.
Factory Def > Ok
EXIT&SAVE > Save settings OK
Press and hold Menu button when screen goes black.
TV SETTINGS > (your TV settings)
Graphic Resolution > (your TV resolution)
BOOT MODE > change it to NAND or NAND2
EXIT&SAVE > Save settings OK

LOADING... LOADING FROM NAND will appear at the bottom......MAG will boot to inner portal.... wait until you see Autoupdate... you will see that the previous firmware is 0. It will start updating your box firmware and will reboot when done. My internet speed is 16Mbps and it took 3 minutes to complete.

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