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06-04, 12:01 The Napster
Today's quiz is master level !
06-04, 12:00 The Napster
Gaze at this sentence for just about sixty seconds and then explain what makes it quite different from the average sentence. Quick!

What is it?
05-04, 19:24 maird57
Too easy
05-04, 14:21 The Napster
maird57 got that one quick, good job
05-04, 13:49 maird57
The Departed...remake Internal Affairs
05-04, 13:41 The Napster
Today's quiz: Name the Movie, Bonus points if you can tell what movie it is a remake of.
05-04, 13:40 The Napster
I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.
05-04, 07:08
Hey Napsters I have been testing the TVonIP .apk and it's been pretty awesome. If you haven't tried TVonIP yet, now is a good time to give it a spin!
05-04, 07:01
Good Morning Napsters
04-04, 19:08 pigbait
Well played my friend.
04-04, 19:03 maddogmc
i thought the same thing 1969..
04-04, 19:02 maddogmc
04-04, 18:35 The Napster
seems like some conflicting information on the internet (like that never happens), some says 1964, some 1969 ... which would make you both right
04-04, 17:32 pigbait
Hmmm imbd says the pink panther aired in 1969 the movie was 1963
04-04, 17:20 The Napster
04-04, 17:20 The Napster
maddogmc got it !! Good job, that was another hard one
04-04, 17:02 maddogmc
Looney Tunes,The Pink Panther Show, Mister Rogers,Sesame Street..
04-04, 14:55 The Napster
I took them from the start dates ... if that is of any help
04-04, 13:25 The Napster
04-04, 13:25 pigbait
I have a feeling this will spark a good debate.
04-04, 13:23 The Napster
loony toons is correct in first spot
04-04, 13:23 The Napster
this one came out of the blue - I am not sure why I was thinking of kids shows last night
04-04, 13:22 pigbait
What the heck
04-04, 13:21 The Napster
Close but no cigars on quiz ...
04-04, 13:21 The Napster
Thank you for catching that pigbiat that was an error


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