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05-02, 15:32 K2366
Riddle this; I am a famous eastern Canadian landmark that tells people where they are at night. I share my name with a sitcom mom with children. Who am I?
05-02, 01:49 Echo
That is correct !
04-02, 19:53 maird57
centipede lying on it's back
04-02, 17:46 Echo
Riddle me this ... What lies on the ground, 100 feet up in the air?
04-02, 01:52 Echo
10 is correct ! They can't leave the tank
03-02, 16:11 rogue17
Whether they die, "drown" or how can they even swim away in a tank there is still. 10 left in the tank. But then again im no good at riddles.
03-02, 16:08 rogue17
I also say 10. If
03-02, 11:49 K2366
Alive that is
03-02, 11:48 K2366
Fish live in water so they can't drown and since they are in a tank they can't swim away. Of the listed only accounts for a total of 9. So the answer is that there is 7 fish remaining in the tank.
03-02, 07:12 rogue17
Just read. the riddle now and would have answered 10 but Bluberry beat me to it..
03-02, 06:52 Bluberry
03-02, 01:31 Echo
Riddle me this ... 10 fish are in a tank!
- 2 Drown
- 4 Swim away!
- 3 Die

How many are left?
02-02, 17:18 Echo
Hello edmonton
02-02, 04:10 edmonton
02-02, 00:19 rogue17
ed post in the forum.Chat is for small talk.
01-02, 20:48 Echo
I don't believe there is a promo code at this time
31-01, 09:04 rogue17
or googling....
31-01, 01:18 Echo
That was a good one as it required quite a bit of thinking
30-01, 14:05 K2366
Before becoming the Orioles they were known as the St. Louis Browns.
30-01, 14:04 K2366
Yes it's the Orioles.
30-01, 11:12 Echo
Baltimore Orioles or San Francisco Giants
30-01, 00:29 Desiboy
Lol jk
29-01, 23:05 rogue17
Desi you are officially banned from answering riddles.
29-01, 23:04 rogue17
LOL@ googling for the answer.
29-01, 21:26 K2366
Why Desi? Because you couldn't c&p the question to find the answer on Google? What if I said it is but first you had to think.


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