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06-09, 15:34 neoark
How long does it take usually to activate the service?
06-09, 09:48 dubs66
Good Morning NAPSTERS!!!
05-09, 22:14 maird57
too easy...pillow
05-09, 21:47 Echo
Riddle me this...
What loses its head in the morning but gets it back at night?
05-09, 00:26 Echo
That was a good one. I was no where near guessing
04-09, 19:05 zeusIPTV
04-09, 17:34 zaptor99
04-09, 17:19 rogue17
Just having some fun zaptor. That's all.
04-09, 16:23 zaptor99
The answer was Trump, you guys brought your wives and in-laws into this. Deeper issues
04-09, 14:53 rogue17
Aren't we guys in the dog house anyways pretty much for everything due to menstrual cycle, menopause, bad hair day. But yeah I blame zaptor99
04-09, 12:52 zeusIPTV
Now your gonna be in the doghouse too...I say we blame zaptor99.
04-09, 09:04 rogue17
LOL @ Zeus. That is why I didn't specify which in-law in case the wife was around. Mind she wold still not be too pleased.
03-09, 20:15 zeusIPTV
Damn, she's gonna see this...
03-09, 20:14 zeusIPTV
I was going to say mother in law but my wife was hovering over me so i did the smart thing and said nothing. She's not here now .lol
03-09, 18:45 zaptor99
lol, no
03-09, 18:33 Echo
corybx69 ba bye
03-09, 18:29 Echo
a blond who fell asleep at the electric beach?
03-09, 18:29 Echo
this has to be connected to a tanning bed
03-09, 13:53 rogue17
Could be one of in-laws....
03-09, 12:33 zaptor99
What's orange, with white raccoon eyes, and has weird blond hair?
03-09, 07:34 Mr Hanky
corybx69 banned for spam lol
02-09, 22:57 Echo
Got it zuesIPTV i like the hat
02-09, 13:12 zeusIPTV
I personally use the dog when playing Monopoly
02-09, 11:57 Echo
Riddle me this...
A man was pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts "I'm bankrupt!" Why did the man shout that out?
31-08, 10:04 maird57
neoark ask in the forum


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