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16-11, 21:05 google
14-11, 12:11 google
Guy's I am The Napster, I just finished the code and fell asleep. Sean came in and stole the program
14-11, 12:10 google
14-11, 10:15 dubs66
I took two afternoons and called it a night
13-11, 17:53 The Napster
Man I took two mornings and called it an afternoon
13-11, 10:03 dubs66
Good Morning peeps!
12-11, 20:02 The Napster
I admit nothing
12-11, 20:00 kareen
Napster...where you watching Ellen DeGeneres again?
12-11, 14:11 The Napster
Knocking on Heaven's Door
12-11, 14:11 The Napster
I know the answer! But it is embarrassing how i know the answer
12-11, 14:10 The Napster
Good Morning
12-11, 08:10 dubs66
Knock, Knock...
12-11, 07:59 dubs66
Good morning all...
12-11, 00:07 dubs66
I know the answer, but I cheated... Google tells all
11-11, 21:12 google
Someone is going to have to hop on google
11-11, 19:20 The Napster
What is the sequel to the movie Finding Nemo?
11-11, 19:19 The Napster
This one will have everyone on google.......
11-11, 14:49 dubs66
Ding, Ding, Ding.... and we have a winner! Judd Nelson... I'm showing my age by my bad memory too... Now where in the heck did I leave my dog? LOL...
11-11, 05:45 The Napster
I will take Who is Judd Nelson Alex
11-11, 05:45 The Napster
Ja Ja we are showing our age
11-11, 00:35 dubs66
Hey google, Welcome to the site! Oh and the answer is The Breakfast Club... John Bender... I can't remember his real name though.LOL
10-11, 00:57 google
"A naked blond walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a two-foot salami under the other. Bartender says,'I suppose you won't be needing a drink.'
10-11, 00:57 google
What movie was this from ... bonus points if you know the Actor
10-11, 00:53 google
Hi all! This is new! Very nice
08-11, 19:02 The Napster
It's not too bad a box either gives you a few fun options!


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