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04-04, 13:02 pigbait
04-04, 13:01 pigbait
Hmm you've made me read way to much about sesame Street.. so this is my final answer..... Looney tunes, sesame Street, Mister Rogers, the pink panther show.
04-04, 12:19 The Napster
very close but not quite
04-04, 12:04 maddogmc
Looney Tunes,Mister Rogers,The Pink Panther Show, Sesame Street...
04-04, 11:46 pigbait
Hmm you've stump me on this one...
04-04, 11:29 dubs66
DjRaj17... Please PM IPguys here on our site and they will assist you ASAP. Thanks bud.
04-04, 11:18 DjRaj17
Where can I purchase 12month sub for Express IPTV ?
04-04, 10:58 The Napster
very close .. turning out to be a better one than I thought
04-04, 10:44 pigbait
Looney tunes, Mister Rogers, sesame Street, pink panther show.
04-04, 10:37 pigbait
Hmm so im not correct?
04-04, 10:35 The Napster
very close
04-04, 10:12 pigbait
I though for sure pink panther was around looney tunes. I guess you learn somthing every day
04-04, 10:10 pigbait
Looney tunes, Mister Rogers, pink panther, sesame Street.
04-04, 10:10 The Napster
04-04, 10:09 pigbait
Nice one the napster, got me good with 2 of them
03-04, 18:59 pigbait
Oh thats a good one
03-04, 16:09 The Napster
Today's Qiuz: Put the following shows in order of their start on TV.....
03-04, 16:08 The Napster
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, The Pink Panther Show, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes
02-04, 19:50 pigbait
Yah that took dome deep Google skills lol nice one tho.
02-04, 19:17 The Napster
variations have been in many films here is a clip:
02-04, 18:28 The Napster
pigbait nails it again ! He refuses to be beat ! Good job !
02-04, 01:41 pigbait
Gotcha! 1985 ?
01-04, 23:21 The Napster
Also a good answer but incorrect
01-04, 23:18 maird57
Was also in Blazing Saddles I believe
01-04, 22:24 The Napster
That would be incorrect but a good guess


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