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22-04, 16:52 rogue17
The URL for mytv is
22-04, 16:51 rogue17
22-04, 16:30 shollywo
doesnt work...any info on how to set it up?
22-04, 16:27 bellboy7
some express channels up in sporsts
22-04, 16:18 parryusa
how do i buy iptv service here
22-04, 16:17 bellboy7
am getting sick of this express tv banner for last few days on top and nothing happening !!!
22-04, 16:14 bellboy7
np shollywo
22-04, 16:13 shollywo
22-04, 16:12 bellboy7
22-04, 16:11 shollywo
anybody know the portal url for MyTV?
22-04, 16:08 bellboy7
i think something to do with eagle tv cuz how does eagle tv was letting us watch their tv without any info so I think eagle tv have all of our mac adderess, if they didn't then we wouldn't able to watch free few days tv when we never gave them out mac , without any tv box mac adding it wont work so egle got all of our mac from iptv express info
22-04, 08:59 Doogie
I am back to using voodoo for now.
22-04, 08:59 Doogie
oops. are there any other IPTV providers that have similar content to express?
22-04, 08:59 Doogie
22-04, 08:59 Doogie
hay guys
22-04, 08:36 Reaper
Well maybe they are working on it then...Because if it was just dead it would just stay dead
22-04, 07:21 Ben1
Why don't they at least say something, like we shut it down, or busted. Please find another supplier. Strange part is every panel reseller has their site is under maintenance. They don't want hassle I guess.
22-04, 07:15 Ben1
Hey Reaper, I logged in and all the subcategories were there except for English but nothing was coming in. I tried again later and nothing. Really strange.
22-04, 06:25 Reaper
Ben....You said that you logged into express panel ?
22-04, 06:24 Reaper
Good morning
22-04, 02:33 aussie
hi guys where is the purchase now section i cant seem to find it
21-04, 22:29 Bluberry
I need to switch was on express friend said startv was good choice
21-04, 22:29 Bluberry
Why is there no starTV area?
21-04, 20:35 Echo
Let's try to bring discussion down to the Express section .. Thank you
21-04, 20:23 Saintjo
Well, just so you know, below is the mail i got from my provider.I am sad to inform you that the IPTV Express service is no longer available as they have shut it down. I can only offer to transfer the credits to a different panel. I am currently working o


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