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12-11, 21:51 agent86
I got this one. A keyboard.
12-11, 21:45 Echo
Packers Beat the Bears !! OK Maybe the last win on the year, but they won
12-11, 21:39 Echo
Riddle me this ... I have keys but no locks. I have a space but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside. What am I?
12-11, 01:49 Echo
yes well done maird57!
11-11, 00:11 maird57
He figured it out by the suns position...personally he should have used his
11-11, 00:06 Echo
Riddle me this ... Mr. Draxler, a school bus driver arrived to pick the kids from the last stop. Draxler suddenly remembers that he needs to pick one more student 2km to the north. Mr. Draxler lost his compass, but minutes later he able to deduce that he is moving in the right direction i.e. north.

How did he know he is moving in the right direction?
10-11, 21:56 Echo
Correct K2366! Not having any ballooning experience I did not have a clue
09-11, 15:38 K2366
As the balloon lost altitude, they thought that if they took off their clothes it would reduce the weight. But that didn’t work so they decided that one of them would need to jump to decrease the weight.
The one that would jump would be the one who drew the shortest toothpick.
Frank drew the half toothpick, which is why he was found like that.
09-11, 15:21 Echo
Riddle me this ... Three thieves Danny Ocean, Rusty Ryan, and Frank Catton robbed a major casino in Chicago and they hide the loot somewhere safe. However, all of them get identified so they decided to run in a hot air balloon over a desert. Midway crossing the desert. the balloon begins to lose the attitude because of weight. After few days s Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan got arrested in Africa while Frank Catton was found dead in the desert, totally naked and holding a half of a toothpick.

How did Frank Catton die?
08-11, 13:22 The Napster
should be just temporary they are working on
08-11, 12:07 bellboy7
My bad , why all sports channels not working on express tv?
08-11, 12:06 bellboy7
Why sports and ppv spirts not working on express tv ?
08-11, 12:05 bellboy7
I asked this in express tv forum 12 hours ago but no respones so am asking here please dint
07-11, 23:54 maird57
07-11, 23:36 Echo
correct !
07-11, 21:30 maird57
07-11, 21:00 Echo
Riddle me this .... Not far off shore a ship stands with a rope ladder hanging over her side. The rope has 10 rungs. The distance between each rung is 12 inches. The lowest rung touches the water. The ocean is calm. Because of the incoming tide, the surface of the water rises 4 inches per hour. How soon will the water cover the third rung from the top rung of the rope ladder?
05-11, 22:51 maird57
yes yes yes
05-11, 21:32 rogue17
Maird, you mean Echo, Echooo, Echoooo.....
05-11, 18:28 Echo
LoL that may have been a bit of a giveaway you are correct !
04-11, 23:19 maird57
Way too easy easy easy easy. Isn't that right
04-11, 22:53 Echo
Riddle me this ... Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to.
What am I?
02-11, 23:19 Echo
Correct ! Still undefeated !
02-11, 21:34 maird57
anchors away
02-11, 21:17 Echo
Riddle me this .... When you need me, you throw me away. But when you're done with me you bring me back. What am I?


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