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07-03, 22:41 Echo
Mags are tanks. Solid STB
06-03, 11:05 Diamond
Hey all i have 3 boxes in my house 2 mag 254 and 1 mag 256 254 is awesome 3 years no issues mag 256 waste of time been using it since September of last year tried everything but it just not as good as the 254
03-03, 02:36 Echo
please post service issues in the channel down post of the services section along with requested info ... this will give you an idea too if a lot of people reporting or if it might be something that should be trouble shooted. Thank you
02-03, 20:26 Diamond
Lots of channels down on express and crown down is it a server issue hope its gets back up soon
02-03, 15:12 regional
Hey guys, love the iptv express service! I am having issues with the nhl centre ice channels on my dreamlink T1. Does anyone have a timeline on a possible fix? Thanks in advance
01-03, 18:12 Cyrus
hey guys, how come no one from ipguys is fixing the sportsnet360 channel? Ive asked for it fixed a bunch of times
01-03, 16:07 The Napster
Good Morning dubs66
01-03, 12:07
Good morning Napsters!!!
01-03, 00:35 Nxion
can a rep check my MAC, new sub is blocked.
25-02, 12:04 Echo
All back up and running well again
22-02, 02:04 priya99
portal URL is still down. So wait till morning all will be fine.
22-02, 01:27 Dfb1299
mine still says unable to load portal i have a mag 254 should i unplug and plug back in
22-02, 01:20 priya99
it is coming back slowly.
22-02, 00:40 Dfb1299
i really hope so
22-02, 00:36 priya99
don't sweat it go to sleep, wake up tomrrow all will be good again
22-02, 00:35 priya99
22-02, 00:34 Dfb1299
like tonight?
22-02, 00:34 priya99
these things happen for all iptv servers time to time
22-02, 00:33 priya99
lol off course
22-02, 00:30 Dfb1299
will they fix it?
22-02, 00:29 priya99
iptv express their dns probably went down
22-02, 00:27 Dfb1299
any idea why iptv express server went down.. is there a new url?
20-02, 22:06 iptvhub
bulgerian channels?
20-02, 01:42 Echo
Hi jg250 check out gold iptv,
19-02, 23:31 jg250
how about american and canadaian


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