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21-09, 19:50 maird57
He's full of chips
21-09, 15:24 Echo
Why was the computer not hungry?
21-09, 15:23 Echo
Good oneagent86
20-09, 23:21 agent86
The parrot cannot hear anything. It is deaf.
20-09, 22:54 Echo
Riddle me this ... A pet shop owner sold a parrot claiming it could repeat whatever it heard. A man bought the parrot and spoke to it for weeks, but could not get it to speak. He brought it back to the shop to ask for a refund. The shopkeeper insists he was not lying. What happened?
20-09, 18:40 Desiboy
Haha good
20-09, 14:38 Echo
20-09, 11:48 odie66
20-09, 02:06 Desiboy
A elephant baby fells into the pool and does not know swimming, how will the baby elephant come out?
20-09, 02:05 Desiboy
Riddle this one,
19-09, 21:36 maird57
Would you believe?
19-09, 20:48 agent86
C'mon. That's an old one. The survivors wouldn't be buried at all. They'd be alive.
19-09, 20:30 maird57
If a plane crashed on the US/Canada border where would the survivors be buried
19-09, 12:13 zaptor99
I say Mel should dump him if he can't deliver the ring himself.
18-09, 20:34 Echo
Good one agent86 that was a hard one!
17-09, 19:07 agent86
He then sends the package (now with Mel's lock on it) back to Mel. Mel opens the package by opening her lock. Voila. She has the engagement ring.
17-09, 19:06 agent86
I got this one. Tim sends the package to Mel locked with one of his locks. Mel received the package and places one of her locks on the package and sends the package now with two locks on it back to Tim. Tim receives the package and takes off his lock.
16-09, 19:23 Echo
Riddle Me This .... Tim and Mel are in a long distance relationship. Tim wants to send Mel an engagement ring, but needs to lock the package to ensure the ring reaches her safely. Tim and Mel have locks and keys, but neither has a key to the other's locks. How can they safely mail the package?
15-09, 12:33 maird57
correct echo
15-09, 09:38 Echo
A strange person, (even though they are strange) should know where they live
15-09, 08:49 maird57
The question is why is the person suspicious of the person knocking at the door
15-09, 06:44 rogue17
Because I saw the movie The Strangers.
14-09, 23:27 maird57
Riddle...Someone’s banging on the front door. There is a strange person at the door. The person apologizes because he thought it was his place. Why are you suspicious?
14-09, 17:59 Echo
GCOOP has yet to be stumped
13-09, 06:36 GCOOP


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