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10-03, 09:43 agent86
Yours was a funny answer. Mine was scientific. Both are right?
10-03, 03:44 Echo
To cover his Quack
09-03, 23:07 agent86
So that they can stay "water-proof" and to float. Without feathers to hold oil produced by the skin, the duck would sink and drown.
09-03, 22:07 Echo
Riddle me this .... Why does a duck have feathers?
09-03, 12:28 rogue17
Jaguar you say. Someone's living large. I Had to get a tooth pulled out using a string and a door......
09-03, 08:48 rogue17
Could it be a 93 cadillac eldorado
09-03, 05:43 The Napster
So as it was a nice day I took the Jaguar our to stretch it's legs a bit, and was listening to some rap .. Snoop Dog, and this came across my ears
09-03, 05:41 The Napster
I'm havin' money, and blowin' hella chronic smoke
I bought my momma a Benz, my Boo-Boo a Jag
And now I'm rollin' in a nine-trizzay El Do-Rad What is Snoop driving? My guess was a 911? Anyone fluent in Snoop Dog?
07-03, 23:39 Echo
If you are in a car that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?
05-03, 05:57 dishuser
it doesn't get altered in central
05-03, 01:06 rogue17
Getting philosophical K?
04-03, 23:19 K2366
Telling time is simply an invention of man to serve our purpose. In the grand scheme of our universe time really is irrelevant.
04-03, 23:15 K2366
How do we really know the current way we tell time is accurate now. We alter it now twice a year to suit our fancy.
04-03, 20:53 dishuser
Ask your questions in the forums. The ChatBox is for small talk.
04-03, 20:14 timd
Can anyone recommend what server here has the best Korean and/or Japanese channels?
04-03, 18:26 dishuser
if it's not measured accurately what's the point
04-03, 12:08 K2366
Correct or not it doesn't take away that you can still measure time and provides the ability to see it, secondly a sundial provides the same abilities.
03-03, 23:47 dishuser
how do you know the clock is correct?
03-03, 23:13 K2366
Actually when you think about it time can be seen and measured, as you look at a clock you can see the seconds/minutes/hours tick away so technically time as an answer should be incorrect.
03-03, 23:09 K2366
03-03, 20:34 Echo
time is correct ! K2366 gets bonus points for many correct answers
03-03, 12:21 K2366
Lots of things can be measured but not seen like Temperature, Air pressure, Time and many others. Take your pick.
02-03, 21:05 dishuser
was thinking air but I will go with time
02-03, 21:01 Echo
Riddle me this ... what can be measured but can not be seen ?
02-03, 01:14 Echo
Correct !


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