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26-12, 21:10 The Napster
Does anyone else besides Classact dare to try the LLama Challenge?
26-12, 19:05 The Napster
You picked the best one Classact
26-12, 17:28 Classact
Thanks for the avatar Napster. lol
26-12, 14:51 limloo
Good day all
25-12, 13:47 The Napster
Anyone Dare to try the LLAMA LAMMA Challenge ?
25-12, 12:17 Echo
Merry Christmas Napsters !
24-12, 21:47 rogue17
Merry Christmas to everyone.
24-12, 15:12 IPTV CAN
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone
24-12, 10:34 The Napster
No worry Bluberry - Happy Holidays !
24-12, 01:55 The Napster
Guy's don't shop until Christmas Eve LOL - so i was told
24-12, 01:54 The Napster
got it k2366 Happy Holidays !
23-12, 23:49 Bluberry
everyone get their shopping done?
23-12, 23:49 Bluberry
sorry guess that s not small bad
23-12, 23:47 Bluberry
iptv express is down
23-12, 23:43 K2366
You'd be jolly to if you knew where all the naughty girls are.
23-12, 17:40 The Napster
Napster riddle : Why is Santa always so jolly?
19-12, 21:31 ggarzatx
William buy from somebody else,call your credit card company..and do a chargeback..that guy from iptvchannels,,is a scammer!!
19-12, 21:12 Echo
Wake up The Napster
17-12, 13:58 The Napster
Ended up watching Nixon and Elvis - Keven Spacey as Nixon - supposedly the true story of how Elvis met Nixon
17-12, 11:37 dubs66
William6- The only thing I know about them ( Is in the scam section below. Please post questions in the forum. You'll have much better luck getting an answer.
17-12, 08:01 William6
Anybody i need help ....setting up channels on my avov box i got the 4k black 1 year and cant seem to be able to load they never sent me a url address to load om my server went to there site found download but cant find instructions...
16-12, 21:05 bubbs16
what movie?
16-12, 21:05 bubbs16
16-12, 20:52 The Napster
Snow again today - nearly froze my beak shoveling -- good night for hot chocolate and a movie
16-12, 13:43 dubs66
Hey Napster, It's been beyond cold!!! Getting ready for more snow to fly. The fun never ends


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