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03-01, 23:08 Echo
Riddle me this ... When I grow I come closer to the ground, what am I?
03-01, 23:06 Echo
Thank you TOnooB and Welcome, yes that seems to have slowed down a lot of the bots, we need a new question though
03-01, 20:53 TOnooB
Echo - it was for a new sign up.... you have to answer a "random question" probably to filter bots. The question was just stale Dated
03-01, 16:58 Echo
LoL grandpa is a good answer but frost is the correct one
03-01, 12:58 regional
Hey Echo, is it Frost?
03-01, 05:32 xray
Grandpa after dementia?
03-01, 03:35 Echo
Riddle me this .... What bites with no teeth?
03-01, 03:27 Echo
TOnoo8 was this signing up or you you signed up before and you where just logging in?
02-01, 13:48 TOnooB
Hey ... For my random question at sigh in I got "Who is this year's World Series Winners" ... I had to name the Cubs (2016) to get past the screen. Is there some Mod I should tell?
02-01, 11:53 Echo
That is correct ... you can catch a cold but you cant catch a heat
02-01, 04:56 xray
heat, since cold is nothing?
02-01, 02:04 Echo
Riddle me this ... What moves faster, heat or cold?
31-12, 17:42 xray
echo and napster, I sent you a private message
31-12, 15:33 satview
money is split depending on rank, ie crew can be, leader 1.5x etc to captain 2.5 x
31-12, 01:55 xray
couldnt u just split it amongst entire ship to avoid getting your throat slit at night lol
30-12, 23:45 The Napster
Split the money between 51% of the pirates Finally a stumped
30-12, 23:45 sneh
Which server has channels from Nigeria ?
30-12, 01:47 xray
I dont get it
29-12, 11:02 The Napster
some people still could be mad and kill you
29-12, 03:05 Desiboy
Damn you vote for your self to get even vote or you just keep all the gold..
29-12, 03:02 Desiboy
I meant vote*
29-12, 00:43 Desiboy
You wont against your self.
28-12, 23:18 The Napster
Riddle me this ... You are the Captain of a Pirate ship, and your team votes on how the looted gold should be shared. If less than half the team votes for your decision you will die. How do you divide the gold?
27-12, 01:18 xray
you too rogue
26-12, 16:30 rogue17
Happy Holidays and all the best, especially good health to all the members here and their families.


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