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08-08, 09:11 rogue17
Some new blood in the mix.
07-08, 19:38 Echo
A mirror is correct! Zaptor99 , we have a new contender. Good one
07-08, 19:07 zaptor99
Grrr, hmm, how about a clock or a mirror?
07-08, 18:43 rogue17
07-08, 18:11 Echo
LoL take it your are single...girls would not like that answer; but it is a good one, although not correct
07-08, 16:57 zaptor99
A scale
07-08, 08:48 maird57
I already did the challange
07-08, 06:52 rogue17
Llama, Llama or riddles I suck at it just give the prize to maird.
07-08, 01:51 Echo
Riddle me this...
What cannot speak or hear but always tells the truth?
06-08, 16:23 The Napster
Who dares trying the Llama Llama Challenge?
06-08, 14:32 Echo
maird57 remains un stumped ! Anyone have a riddle that can stump him post !
06-08, 14:01 Echo
bkjwagka put question in the forum people will help you
06-08, 09:59 GCOOP
try google
05-08, 20:35 bikwahla
anyone knows how to setup ios stalker app
05-08, 19:02 maird57
unless it's a trick question it's an onion
05-08, 18:46 Echo
Riddle me this...
I won't cry if you cut me, but you will. What am I?
04-08, 18:43 Echo
That is it maird57 ! Still not stumped
04-08, 17:50 rogue17
These guys have too much time on their hands but need a vacation....
04-08, 16:13 GCOOP
karynkh3 posting porn spam
04-08, 13:37 rogue17
No more spam.
04-08, 11:56 GCOOP
elsieft4 posting porn spam
03-08, 23:54 maird57
Is it your tongue?
03-08, 22:48 Echo
Riddle me this...
What tastes better than it smells?
03-08, 07:54 maird57
Mr Hanky is right. They didn't say from the same mom
03-08, 06:44 Mr Hanky


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