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20-02, 01:42 Echo
Hi jg250 check out gold iptv,
19-02, 23:31 jg250
how about american and canadaian
19-02, 23:31 jg250
is there one good for indian channels
19-02, 23:31 jg250
i would like to know of a good subscription server with less freezing and downtime.
19-02, 23:30 jg250
hi everybody
19-02, 19:56 Echo
18-02, 19:56 rogue17
Debbie does D sure is an antique....
18-02, 19:54 rogue17
17-02, 10:23 Echo
That's my story and I am sticking to it
17-02, 04:42 The Napster
Is that what they are calling it today Echo?
14-02, 10:32 Echo
True, good thing i was watching Antiques Road show
13-02, 22:29 rogue17
Echo, Guess that is a toss up. Just flip a coin.
13-02, 21:56 Echo
What do you think would be most embarrassing to admit?
13-02, 21:55 Echo
I was watching The New Celebrity Apprentice
13-02, 21:55 Echo
I was watching The Bachelor
13-02, 10:58 The Napster
Real Gangster Llamas spit, cause gangster Llamas can't run fast
11-02, 04:35 Echo
But Llamas are smooth and wear cool shades
10-02, 11:46 IPTV CAN
Don't mess with a llama, im pretty sure they can spit across a room and nail you right in the eye.
10-02, 02:33 Echo
Hmmm do I dare becoming a Llama ....
08-02, 21:22 The Napster
Llama Llama Llama ... who dares to take the Lama Challenge ?
08-02, 21:10 The Napster
good one GCOOP !! Car guy for sure
08-02, 16:10 GCOOP
1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT 2+2 Fastback
07-02, 20:39 The Napster
Today's Napster movie quote " I've got him downstairs, under a John Doe. " Bonus point is if you can name the car from the iconic car chase
07-02, 20:38 The Napster
No one has dared to take the Llama challenge
07-02, 12:51 IPTV CAN
I kept my Llama avatar


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