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01-04, 16:57 Echo
you should probably get your wish
01-04, 04:52 GCOOP
for my prize get them to fix MLB network on Gold and IPTV Guys
01-04, 04:50 GCOOP
Groundhog Day
01-04, 02:15 Echo
Napster movie quiz quote "Hi, three cheeseburgers, two large fries, two milkshakes, and one large coke.
Ralph: And some flapjacks." Movie?
27-03, 18:37 Echo
check out Crown IPTV xyzaaasa
27-03, 17:00 xyzaaasa
what do oyou guys recommed for indian tv
25-03, 09:06 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!
23-03, 21:59 jinx84
23-03, 21:34 The Napster
jinx84 Has beaten the llama llama challenge !!!!! Congratulations jinx84 !
23-03, 17:54 The Napster
Who dares to try the Llama Llama Challenge?
23-03, 17:54 The Napster
20-03, 18:35 Spuds
Can anyone record to a USB drive with your Mag 254 on any of the available servers? ipguys you cannot..
20-03, 07:15 Lucus
Any opinions on the smart VU 4k box?
16-03, 20:48 bodi
Tnx Regional for info
14-03, 14:30 Echo
yw regional
14-03, 14:03 regional
and thanks echo for directing me to the polls section
14-03, 14:03 regional
yes i use express on t1 works very well and its a bonus that you can put on other entertainment apps. That being said I have been having problems with express lately on my mag and t1
14-03, 10:23 Echo
14-03, 10:10 YAHYEAH
13-03, 22:17 bodi
hi the is any 1 using iptvexpress on t1 now?
13-03, 16:54 rogue17
Ooops Sorry. Just saw there ia an IPTV service poll too.
13-03, 16:52 rogue17
That poll is for hardware. I prefer the Mag boxes. Only tried Android and Roku. Never the Avov and T1.
13-03, 16:20 Echo
It's all subjective, but check out the polls section there is one
13-03, 11:08 regional
I would like to hear everyones opinion on the best and most reliable iptv service? Thanks
09-03, 19:09 Grimacex
Mag 254's are great. Probably the best way to view stalker portal content. Save for maybe a Dreamlink T1, but I haven't personally used one.


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