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24-07, 21:38 Echo
Riddle me this .....
24-07, 21:38 Echo
A body is found at the base of a thirteen story building. The police rule it a suicide, but you suspect otherwise. You enter each floor of the building, open the window, and toss a penny out. You do this to every floor. How does this prove it was not a suicide?
23-07, 21:37 Echo
Too smart maird57 !
23-07, 20:18 maird57
Answer is or
23-07, 19:33 Echo
Mind Bender: Which word does not belong in the following list: Stop cop mop chop prop shop or crop?
23-07, 11:06 Echo
Ha Ha .. A Peach
22-07, 20:19 maird57
Sounds erotic
22-07, 18:38 Echo
Mind bender: What is warm, wet, fuzzy, and has a slit in the middle?
20-07, 13:37 IPGuys
Turns out the girl was paris hilton.
19-07, 07:32 dubs66
I don't know what the blond drinks but the crazy brunet drinks VODKA!!!
19-07, 03:49 The Napster
"A naked blonde walks into a bar, carrying a poodle under one arm and a 6 foot salami under the other. The Bardtender says, 'So, I don't suppose you'd be needing a drink?' The blonde says......"
19-07, 03:48 The Napster
What is your best punchline to the joke?
16-07, 23:05 maird57
Cyrus chatbox is for small talk
15-07, 21:09 Echo
check in your post Ben1
15-07, 17:25 dobbner
15-07, 17:24 dobbner
Chat box is for small talk
13-07, 06:42 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!
12-07, 08:19 dubs66
Thanks regional!
12-07, 08:11 regional
roseep16 in express thread is posting tons of spam porn
12-07, 08:06 dubs66
Got it GCOOP. Thanks for the heads up!
12-07, 05:56 GCOOP
karynkh3 is posting porn spam...
11-07, 12:18 dubs66
Thank you K2366! If you guys see anymore of this garbage please list spammers name in chat so we can take care of it ASAP.
11-07, 12:03 K2366
Porn spam in several forums by andreza1 & barrylt4
10-07, 21:10 Mr Hanky
evening napsters
07-07, 18:02 Echo
Everything is just Cofefe !


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