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20-03, 12:14 zeusIPTV
Hers some interesting small talk.. We all know of the bad place iptv. They cloned our home page and are up to their old tricks.
20-03, 12:11 zeusIPTV
Warning. Small talk about to commence. Thats it, forgot what my point was damn it.
19-03, 16:54 rogue17
Happy Days...
19-03, 16:53 rogue17
19-03, 16:18 agent86
Thanks, Fonz.
19-03, 15:54 rogue17
Exactamundo. Lay down the law Hanky.
19-03, 15:18 Mr Hanky
ChatBox is for small talk only
19-03, 13:02 K2366
Ask your questions in the forums. The ChatBox is for small talk
19-03, 12:14 dishuser
enforcing rules?by pointing something out?you're
19-03, 11:42 Echo
Actually the reason is just so the question is there so if someone else has the same one they can see the answer, and it can helps others.
19-03, 11:41 Echo
So only small talk like pins, ants, snowflakes and my salary
19-03, 10:32 K2366
I presume that pertains to questions involving IPTV. You have taken it too literately. Besides that enforcing the rules is the job of a moderator, you're not a moderator.
19-03, 05:22 dishuser
it clearly states ask your questions in the forums
18-03, 20:49 K2366
So how is everyone today? Note to dishuser: this IS a smalltalk question intended to initiate a smalltalk conversation within the confines of the chatbox.
17-03, 19:26 dishuser
17-03, 19:25 dishuser
there's a whole section for what you want
17-03, 19:25 dishuser
small talk isn't about iptv boxes
17-03, 19:17 zeusIPTV
Hello Napstorian's
17-03, 18:57 jmacdon
just asking if anyone has a box to see
17-03, 18:57 jmacdon
... it is small talk
17-03, 18:54 dishuser
Ask your questions in the forums. The ChatBox is for small talk
17-03, 18:49 jmacdon
anyone have the avov n2
17-03, 14:38 Echo
LoL ... well apparently you are not to mix ammonia and bleach (even if you think it will get things super clean) ... they make a gas that will kill you
14-03, 16:14 rogue17
14-03, 15:13 Mr Hanky
The cure is the doctor showed him a pic of Katherine Wynn


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