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18-01, 11:14 K2366
A container for eggs basically has a lid and hinge, the 2 things the riddle says it doesn't have.
18-01, 09:54 rogue17
I figured a container is something used to hold something. Hence an egg conatiner can contain an egg but is different then just egg.
18-01, 09:51 rogue17
Did I get one with an assist from Maird?
18-01, 00:21 Echo
it is indeed an Egg ...
17-01, 22:35 K2366
I agree with rogue and could it be that maird's streak has finally been broken?
17-01, 21:56 rogue17
not just egg?
17-01, 21:19 maird57
egg container
17-01, 19:50 Echo
Riddle me this ... I have no hinges, I have no lid. But inside me Golden Treasure is hid. What am I ?
17-01, 10:38 Ctap
17-01, 10:19 xray
hi guys
16-01, 13:55 Arian
16-01, 12:28 Echo
Riddle me this ... In a bicycle race, the man who came two places in front of the last man finished one ahead of the man who came fifth. How many contestants were there?
15-01, 04:53 Desiboy
yeah it was.. you guys be guessing from legs to boobs lmao
14-01, 17:06 Echo
ahh that was a tricky one
14-01, 15:54 Desiboy
Arian, that is correct!
14-01, 12:42 Arian
Wallet, a Purse may be!
14-01, 06:12 GCOOP
is the answer legs..
14-01, 04:23 Desiboy
Any females here maybe they could help out with this?
14-01, 04:22 Desiboy
Nope.... lol
14-01, 02:21 Echo
Breasts? Nothing worse than man boobs
13-01, 18:31 Desiboy
Wrong! Lol anybody else?
13-01, 12:48 K2366
Being drama queens I'd have to say 'Feelings'.
13-01, 03:07 Desiboy
Riddle this> what is that thing that men hides in public but women shows to everyone wide open
12-01, 18:23 rogue17
Not the place to ask qustions like this.
11-01, 13:50 rogue17
No the place to ask that type of question. And no Gem Server here azad.


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