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25-09, 18:55 zeusIPTV
I have a pretty serious Farmers Tan right now.
25-09, 17:12 maird57
Medium rare
25-09, 17:08 The Napster
Fully Baked
25-09, 15:46 zeusIPTV
Hi all. Anyone else melting from the heat?
25-09, 08:54 maird57
Bottom right corner of the chatbox states "Ask your questions in the forums. The ChatBox is for small talk"
25-09, 08:25 Echo
Some questions could have multiple solutions by different people, so you ask your question in a post, come back and have 5 things to try, one works and you can post hey this worked for me. Also helps other.
25-09, 08:24 Echo
Hi bellbooy7, we encourage you to ask questions in the forum. You will get just as fast an answer, and it is not scrolling, so if someone else has the same question they can use the answer as well.
25-09, 01:01 xVoodoox
I just google the riddles. That,s the trick
25-09, 00:48 bellboy7
I have known for almost 2 decades bro eazy on new users
25-09, 00:48 bellboy7
Maird75 why cant we asked anything here? You semms to know lot whats going around server i have boughten subs from you from another site , i will say we should ve able to ask anything we want here .thats what this chatt section for not just goof around,
24-09, 22:47 Echo
correct, although one has to wonder about someone who's safe code is different
24-09, 22:38 maird57
kcolin ask in the forum
24-09, 22:38 maird57
different is the code. the clerk told him
24-09, 22:01 Echo
Riddle me this... A thief breaks into a shop and threatens the clerk to open the safe. The clerk says "the code for the safe is different every day." The thief then guesses the code. What is the code and how did he know it?
24-09, 12:29 rogue17
Misty please ask in the forum.
23-09, 22:35 Echo
Interesting point but lunch and dinner are correct ... someone got a riddle that can stump maird57?
23-09, 21:17 K2366
With brunch you are having lunch with breakfast so lunch and dinner can't be right.
23-09, 19:36 maird57
lunch and dinner
23-09, 19:28 Echo
Riddle me this... What are two things you can never have for breakfast?
23-09, 19:21 Echo
Welcome Misty, feel free to post any questions in the forum we are happy to help
23-09, 14:16 maird57
Welcome Misty
23-09, 13:16 Misty
Hi I'm Misty I' here and I may have a few questions here and there
22-09, 11:50 Echo
yep that was on my Popsicle stick yesterday
21-09, 20:39 maird57
bellboy7 ask in the forum
21-09, 19:50 maird57
He's full of chips


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