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18-08, 06:57 dubs66
Good morning Napsters!
17-08, 22:56 Echo
what's the user name of our porn star? I could not find link?
17-08, 22:56 Echo
Maird57 is correct and is yet to be stumped
17-08, 22:16 rogue17
I don't know COOP. I saw the link on the chat but can't delete them.
17-08, 14:28 maird57
I believe Lizzy bought the last book and gave it to Ethen
17-08, 13:33 GCOOP
why do these assholes come in here and post porn spam or live links to spam like Janice did...
17-08, 11:48 Echo
Riddle me this...
A woman down the street, Lizzy, loves Ethan and encourages him to go get a book from the library. She says the last book left is really good. Now Ethan goes to the Library and sees no books, how does he have a new book at home?
17-08, 11:24 zaptor99
How to get away with murder
16-08, 23:21 zeusIPTV
lol now tha'ts a death for the books...
16-08, 19:46 Echo
zeusIPTV is correct ... zpator99 gets many points for creativity
16-08, 19:33 zaptor99
The wife was mopping the floor, he slipped, fell on a trampoline, bounced back up and his head went through the rope noose, which his wife "accidentally" left hanging from the ceiling.
16-08, 19:17 zeusIPTV
He was standing on a piece of ice and hung once it melted away.
16-08, 19:12 Echo
Riddle me this...
A policeman bursts through the door, and he finds exactly what the caller described. A man is hanging from the ceiling of the house. There was no furniture, no windows and the man was not psychically killed, or poisoned. The only thing the policeman found was a puddle of water. How did the man hang himself?
16-08, 06:34 rogue17
And the point goes to the new guy.
15-08, 22:22 Echo
We have too many smart people here yes Bob was at the movies.
15-08, 22:19 agent86
He fell over the feet of 15 people?
15-08, 22:06 Echo
Riddle me this...
Bob fell over 30 feet but there was not a scratch, bruise, or broken bone. He did not get hurt at all. How is that possible?
15-08, 21:07 rogue17
One more for the COOP.
14-08, 17:32 Echo
Even the ones that drowned? You are correct GCOOP !
14-08, 14:36 GCOOP
ALL the fish are left in the tank...
14-08, 12:24 Echo
Riddle Me This ... “10 fish are in a tank!
– 2 Drown
– 4 Swim away!
– 3 Die
How many are left?”
14-08, 00:09 Echo
Hi Diamond, please post issue in crown section feedback section under channels so they can see it...thank you
13-08, 18:24 rogue17
13-08, 18:24 rogue17
Yes, even I could have guessed that one.
13-08, 18:02 maird57
TOO Easy


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