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10-02, 11:46 IPTV CAN
Don't mess with a llama, im pretty sure they can spit across a room and nail you right in the eye.
07-02, 12:51 IPTV CAN
I kept my Llama avatar
24-01, 13:20 IPTV CAN
How is everyone today?
21-01, 14:36 IPTV CAN
Hi Everyone. hi dubs66
13-01, 11:05 IPTV CAN
Hi everyone
01-01, 14:14 IPTV CAN
Happy New Year Everyone
24-12, 15:12 IPTV CAN
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone
25-09, 20:32 IPTV CAN
Quiet tonight
24-09, 16:44 IPTV CAN
HI everyone


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