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17-11, 08:49 rogue17
Maird do you eat, breathe, sleep riddle solving.
05-11, 21:32 rogue17
Maird, you mean Echo, Echooo, Echoooo.....
26-10, 08:54 rogue17
Echo, I'm ok with the couch, got my iptv. All i need is to set up a mini fridge with some cold ones.
16-10, 19:01 rogue17
Or make up riddles...
14-10, 18:19 rogue17
LOL @ Zaptor. them creepy crawlers down south have fangs.
11-10, 07:28 rogue17
looks like good hand of poker.
10-10, 20:42 rogue17
If there is a contest with riddles on the site Maird will be banned from it....
03-10, 16:00 rogue17
Yes maird.
03-10, 16:00 rogue17
Yes it's a sad day. He made some great music.
02-10, 20:50 rogue17
That a great add on. Thanks.
28-09, 19:10 rogue17
Not Vista I hope...
27-09, 08:49 rogue17
That's too funny Echo!!!!!
24-09, 12:29 rogue17
Misty please ask in the forum.
15-09, 06:44 rogue17
Because I saw the movie The Strangers.
10-09, 18:31 rogue17
09-09, 15:10 rogue17
There's no stomping maird.
04-09, 17:19 rogue17
Just having some fun zaptor. That's all.
04-09, 14:53 rogue17
Aren't we guys in the dog house anyways pretty much for everything due to menstrual cycle, menopause, bad hair day. But yeah I blame zaptor99
04-09, 09:04 rogue17
LOL @ Zeus. That is why I didn't specify which in-law in case the wife was around. Mind she wold still not be too pleased.
03-09, 13:53 rogue17
Could be one of in-laws....
27-08, 00:56 rogue17
Yep that is what I think Maird.
21-08, 11:07 rogue17
It's rigged I tell ya, it's rigged.....
17-08, 22:16 rogue17
I don't know COOP. I saw the link on the chat but can't delete them.
16-08, 06:34 rogue17
And the point goes to the new guy.
15-08, 21:07 rogue17
One more for the COOP.


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