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18-08, 06:57 dubs66
Good morning Napsters!
31-07, 09:30 dubs66
Thanks for the heads up GCOOP.
28-07, 00:09 dubs66
I'll stick with warm PBR. It sounds gross and tastes gross too
19-07, 07:32 dubs66
I don't know what the blond drinks but the crazy brunet drinks VODKA!!!
13-07, 06:42 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!
12-07, 08:19 dubs66
Thanks regional!
12-07, 08:06 dubs66
Got it GCOOP. Thanks for the heads up!
11-07, 12:18 dubs66
Thank you K2366! If you guys see anymore of this garbage please list spammers name in chat so we can take care of it ASAP.
08-06, 06:48 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!!
09-05, 22:50 dubs66
Good evening Napsters!
20-04, 07:53 dubs66
Many channels are missing from Gold right now. Not sure if this is a permanent thing or if they are working on it. Many sports channels are gone too.
12-04, 12:13 dubs66
Will be setting up the tried and true T95Z Plus next. These have been around for a little bit now and the reviews have been spectacular! If your money is tight this may be the box that gets you in with the cool kids!
12-04, 12:01 dubs66
Hats off to DreamLink! We set up the new DreamLink T1 Plus and we love this one! We here at The Napster were able to sneak in and grab a limited supply for our members! We are always looking out for you guys YA KNOW... SHIPING NOW SO GIT R DONE
25-03, 09:06 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!
01-03, 12:07 dubs66
Good morning Napsters!!!
21-01, 11:09 dubs66
Morning Napsters!!! Hi IPTV CAN
01-01, 13:02 dubs66
Happy New Year Napster!!!!
17-12, 11:37 dubs66
William6- The only thing I know about them ( Is in the scam section below. Please post questions in the forum. You'll have much better luck getting an answer.
16-12, 13:43 dubs66
Hey Napster, It's been beyond cold!!! Getting ready for more snow to fly. The fun never ends
14-12, 12:57 dubs66
Hello Napsters!
24-11, 08:20 dubs66
Happy Thanksgiving Napsters!!!!!
24-09, 08:00 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!!
22-09, 06:59 dubs66
What's up lucky.......
20-09, 07:02 dubs66
RED (schimderler's list) Next question please....
20-09, 06:58 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!! Is anyone home???


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