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01-01, 13:02 dubs66
Happy New Year Napster!!!!
17-12, 11:37 dubs66
William6- The only thing I know about them ( Is in the scam section below. Please post questions in the forum. You'll have much better luck getting an answer.
16-12, 13:43 dubs66
Hey Napster, It's been beyond cold!!! Getting ready for more snow to fly. The fun never ends
14-12, 12:57 dubs66
Hello Napsters!
24-11, 08:20 dubs66
Happy Thanksgiving Napsters!!!!!
24-09, 08:00 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!!
22-09, 06:59 dubs66
What's up lucky.......
20-09, 07:02 dubs66
RED (schimderler's list) Next question please....
20-09, 06:58 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!! Is anyone home???
15-09, 07:47 dubs66
Good morning Napsters....
20-08, 10:38 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!!!!
06-08, 08:00 dubs66
Animal House!!!
28-07, 07:27 dubs66
12-05, 07:10 dubs66
Good Morning Napsters!
22-04, 09:35 dubs66
Running low on the Avov TVonline V2 boxes so get them while you can! We also have the Minix Neo Z64 Android boxes in stock. Minix makes the Cadillac of Android boxes. Their hardware and support is second to none! Need a Mag? We have those too!
22-04, 08:42 dubs66
Good morning NAPSTERS!!!!
18-04, 16:41 dubs66
Thanks for the heads up Classact. It's been taken care of.
16-04, 20:09 dubs66
Ohhhh, I love this movie!!!!
13-04, 22:21 dubs66
“Show me the money.”
11-04, 23:37 dubs66
11-04, 17:57 dubs66
O.k. I'll give it to you maird But I still need the actors name... Who is the actor that played Watty Watts?
11-04, 11:09 dubs66
Ohhh maird so close....... It's Watty Watts but I was looking for the actors name. to add to it and make it even more interesting, who is the very popular actress who played Watty Watts girlfriend Starlene Cheatham in the movie?
11-04, 07:38 dubs66
One of my favorite movies in the 90's....
11-04, 07:35 dubs66
Name the movie and the name of the actor who said it.
11-04, 07:35 dubs66
I got two pieces of advice for you, small fry: Never believe a word anyone says... and never rob a store with a loaded gun. Never!


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