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08-06, 07:06 kareen
06-06, 07:43 kareen
05-06, 19:03 kareen
you should post in that section, not in chat, thank you
05-06, 16:01 kareen
nah, its perfect, your alive to enjoy it,lol
01-06, 17:29 kareen
great to see everyone,i finally made it in,lol
01-01, 11:54 kareen
Happy New Year !
28-11, 19:32 kareen
Gold and Express are good .. If you have mag or ruku WoW is excellent
06-11, 14:03 kareen
Movie quote of the day ~ can you name the movie?
06-11, 14:02 kareen
After all… I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
30-09, 00:51 kareen
Friday ! The weekend is here !
23-09, 20:19 kareen
no way to do that bhavesh, have your new seller contact his super seller to get your ip released if it has expired
12-11, 20:00 kareen
Napster...where you watching Ellen DeGeneres again?


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