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17-10, 00:42 Echo
Riddle me this...
A man goes into a hardware store. He asks the clerk "How much is 6?" Which the clerk responds with "6 is $0.50." "How much is 60?" The man asks. "$1.00." Answers the clerk. "Okay, I will take 600." Says the man. "That will be $1.50, please!" Says the clerk. The man pays and leaves. What did the man buy?
16-10, 16:11 Echo
marid57 is correct again, on an unstumpable streak ! We need a hard riddle here
16-10, 08:47 Echo
Riddle me this ... A man is trapped in a room. The room has only two possible exits: two doors. Through the first door there is a room constructed from magnifying glass. The blazing hot sun instantly fries anything or anyone that enters. Through the second door there is a fire-breathing dragon. How does the man escape?
16-10, 08:25 Echo
Correct maird57 !
14-10, 17:47 Echo
Riddle me this ... Once you have me you want to share me but once you share me you will no longer have me to yourself. What am I?
13-10, 10:42 Echo
Has anyone been to Australia and checked to see if the water really drains in the opposite direction?
13-10, 10:41 Echo
Correct naird57 ! Still unstumpable !
13-10, 10:05 Echo
Riddle me this ... My birthday is on the 21st of December yet it comes in the summer. Where do I live?
11-10, 22:56 Echo
That is what I thought rogue17 however maird57 is correct ! Still undefeated !
10-10, 22:33 Echo
Riddle me this ... What Word is identified by this rebus
10-10, 22:32 Echo
10-10, 19:53 Echo
Correct maird57 ! Still unstoppable
08-10, 22:58 Echo
Riddle me this...
I descend and ascend. If you go too fast, you can trip on me but if you go too slow, your destination seems like miles away. What am I?
08-10, 09:56 Echo
Good one zeusIPTV ! Yes that was a really hard one
07-10, 00:09 Echo
Riddle me this ... An item is made from lead blanks in a lathe shop. Each blank suffices for 1 item. Lead shavings accumulated for making 6 items can be melted and made into a blank. How many items can be made from 36 blanks.
06-10, 11:36 Echo
correct GCOOP !
06-10, 01:07 Echo
Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues? There is a two to the right of a king. A diamond will be found to the left of a spade. An ace is to the left of a heart. A heart is to the left of a spade. Now, identify all three cards
05-10, 00:12 Echo
Although it is strange going to hockey games when it is 80 outside
05-10, 00:11 Echo
Correct again ! Let's hope we don't see any for awhile
04-10, 21:54 Echo
Riddle me this ... What flies when it’s born, lies when it’s alive, and runs when it’s dead?
03-10, 10:41 Echo
I honestly thought he was going to make it
01-10, 23:09 Echo
Correct again marid57
01-10, 20:50 Echo
Riddle me this .... I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me. What am I?
30-09, 09:59 Echo
Good one GCOOP correct !
30-09, 02:16 Echo
Riddle me this...Why does a chicken coop only have 2 doors?


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