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14-12, 11:17 Echo
Riddle me this... I am found in the sea and on land, but I do not walk or swim. I travel by foot, but I am toeless. No matter where I go, I'm never far from home. What am I?
13-12, 23:56 Echo
Ha Ha Ha correct !
13-12, 20:31 Echo
Riddle me this ... You throw away the outside, eat the inside, then throw away the inside. What is it?
13-12, 20:30 Echo
A Full one
13-12, 01:54 Echo
Riddle me this ... It's been around for millions of years, but is never more than a month old. What is it?
12-12, 12:27 Echo
Correct ... I have gotten many more holes in pants than holes in one
12-12, 02:41 Echo
Riddle me this ... why did Jack bring to pairs of pants to his golf game?
12-12, 02:40 Echo
10-12, 23:47 Echo
Riddle me this... If you eat me, you will die. If you drink me, you will die. I am greater then God, worst then the Devil. What am I?
10-12, 15:34 Echo
Correct ! I have done that very thing when there was no cork screw many times
09-12, 19:51 Echo
Riddle me this ... A guy claims to do the following thing. He puts a coin in a glass bottle. Then, he shuts the mouth of the bottle with the help of a cork. Now he manages to remove the coin out from the bottle without taking out the cork or breaking the glass bottle.

Do you know how he can do it?
08-12, 20:49 Echo
Correct !
08-12, 12:05 Echo
Riddle me this .... A man wants to enter a club, but there is a password he does not know. He watches one guest approach. The doorman says "12" and the guest says "6". Next, guest comes and the doorman says "6." The guest says "3". Seeing the pattern, the man approaches. The doorman says "10" so the man says "5." He is denied entry. What should heave said?
07-12, 11:39 Echo
Leaning towards air but not sure why two people would hold it .... have to think some more
06-12, 21:18 Echo
Yes, unless it is my stinky breath
06-12, 21:12 Echo
Riddle me this ... You can hold it without using your hands or your arms. What is it?
06-12, 12:20 Echo
Agreed, that was a bad choice
05-12, 22:03 Echo
Correct ! Good one k2366
05-12, 10:53 Echo
Riddle me this ... What begins with T, ends with T, and has T in it?
05-12, 10:51 Echo
woops getting a little addle minded
05-12, 03:11 Echo
Riddle me this ... Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to.
What am I?
05-12, 02:20 Echo
Both are correct ! Good job maird57 and K2366
04-12, 12:46 Echo
Riddle me this ... I have an eye but cannot see.
I'm faster than any man alive and have no limbs. What am I?
03-12, 14:11 Echo
Correct ! Excellent ahyie
02-12, 23:53 Echo
Riddle me this ... What is unusual about the sentence below? A big cowboy, dancing elegantly for grand hotels in Jersey, knitting lovely mittens nicely on pretty quilted rubber shoes, thought untrained vets would X-ray yellow zebras


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