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25-05, 14:06 zeusIPTV
There are a few users on here that are not looking out for the best interest of this forum. You know who you are and I am pretty sure the admins now know as well.
24-05, 22:11 zeusIPTV
Z06 paddle or stick?
22-05, 13:46 zeusIPTV
Hi all
24-04, 11:34 zeusIPTV
What a terrible tragedy. Our condolences to all the families affected by yesterdays madness.
28-03, 22:30 zeusIPTV
I sorta tried messing with it but i'm pretty sure I failed badly so I gave up. I was wondering if anyone had success with it.
28-03, 12:13 zeusIPTV
Who's got the Bitcoin thing figured out?
25-03, 12:30 zeusIPTV
Geography was not one of my better subjects.
25-03, 12:04 zeusIPTV
I was gonna say cause they are too cute to eat.
24-03, 17:22 zeusIPTV
Hi all
20-03, 12:14 zeusIPTV
Hers some interesting small talk.. We all know of the bad place iptv. They cloned our home page and are up to their old tricks.
20-03, 12:11 zeusIPTV
Warning. Small talk about to commence. Thats it, forgot what my point was damn it.
17-03, 19:17 zeusIPTV
Hello Napstorian's
28-11, 18:30 zeusIPTV
Dammm, i almost, sorta had the answer, maybe...
18-11, 13:52 zeusIPTV
Every time I try to figure one of these riddles out, I end up feeling like the kid in the corner of the class with the dunce hat on.
15-11, 11:17 zeusIPTV
Hmmmmmm I could throw in my reply but i better not..
26-10, 06:58 zeusIPTV
I'm staying out of this one. Usually ends bad for me
22-10, 13:22 zeusIPTV
My answer got me a night on the couch
20-10, 08:07 zeusIPTV
Married to my wife.
07-10, 12:11 zeusIPTV
That riddle gave me a brain aneurysm....
25-09, 18:55 zeusIPTV
I have a pretty serious Farmers Tan right now.
25-09, 15:46 zeusIPTV
Hi all. Anyone else melting from the heat?
04-09, 19:05 zeusIPTV
04-09, 12:52 zeusIPTV
Now your gonna be in the doghouse too...I say we blame zaptor99.
03-09, 20:15 zeusIPTV
Damn, she's gonna see this...
03-09, 20:14 zeusIPTV
I was going to say mother in law but my wife was hovering over me so i did the smart thing and said nothing. She's not here now .lol


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