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23-02, 16:13 agent86
We can both be right, rogue17.
22-02, 17:10 agent86
Swim more. Alligator are not good swimmers and is probably dying or already dead.
23-01, 21:29 agent86
The match?
21-01, 19:54 agent86
I got this one. A river.
24-12, 09:35 agent86
Your age?
12-11, 21:51 agent86
I got this one. A keyboard.
30-10, 21:41 agent86
I think that's co-wect. And it's pronounced one, fo-west, one.
28-10, 08:48 agent86
OK. I'll answer. They are Felice and Nicolas. They are periodic table element numbers. 26=Fe, 3=Li, 58=Ce; 28=Ni, 27=Co, 57=La, 16=S.
21-10, 22:59 agent86
Wife is correct answer. Alarm clock gets an honourable mention.
20-09, 23:21 agent86
The parrot cannot hear anything. It is deaf.
19-09, 20:48 agent86
C'mon. That's an old one. The survivors wouldn't be buried at all. They'd be alive.
17-09, 19:07 agent86
He then sends the package (now with Mel's lock on it) back to Mel. Mel opens the package by opening her lock. Voila. She has the engagement ring.
17-09, 19:06 agent86
I got this one. Tim sends the package to Mel locked with one of his locks. Mel received the package and places one of her locks on the package and sends the package now with two locks on it back to Tim. Tim receives the package and takes off his lock.
26-08, 23:26 agent86
Just came back. Happy now.
26-08, 23:22 agent86
IPTV Gold just went down! Right before the fight!
15-08, 22:19 agent86
He fell over the feet of 15 people?
03-04, 20:47 agent86
Yay! I'm not a llama.


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