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01-05, 20:09 agent86
An EpiPen?
30-04, 19:56 agent86
You're a blackboard. Or to be more politically correct, a chalkboard.
26-04, 15:05 agent86
I was going to say another part of the anatomy.
24-04, 08:50 agent86
RIP, Anne-Marie D'Amico. The first identified victim of the Toronto tragedy.
23-04, 16:42 agent86
Bar of soap.
02-04, 09:46 agent86
U.S. Virgin Islands.
22-03, 05:40 agent86
This one is a little morbid, Echo.
22-03, 05:40 agent86
She killed her sister in hopes that she will find/see the man again at her sister's funeral. The man could be a friend of her family.
21-03, 16:44 agent86
It's 50%. The fact that they already had a boy does not have any bearing on whether the second child is a boy. It is not 75% chance that they would have a girl.
19-03, 16:18 agent86
Thanks, Fonz.
12-03, 17:03 agent86
The correct term is "gravitationally challenged".
12-03, 16:32 agent86
Rogue17 doesn't like ties. Live and let live, man.
10-03, 09:43 agent86
Yours was a funny answer. Mine was scientific. Both are right?
09-03, 23:07 agent86
So that they can stay "water-proof" and to float. Without feathers to hold oil produced by the skin, the duck would sink and drown.
23-02, 16:13 agent86
We can both be right, rogue17.
22-02, 17:10 agent86
Swim more. Alligator are not good swimmers and is probably dying or already dead.
23-01, 21:29 agent86
The match?
21-01, 19:54 agent86
I got this one. A river.
24-12, 09:35 agent86
Your age?
12-11, 21:51 agent86
I got this one. A keyboard.
30-10, 21:41 agent86
I think that's co-wect. And it's pronounced one, fo-west, one.
28-10, 08:48 agent86
OK. I'll answer. They are Felice and Nicolas. They are periodic table element numbers. 26=Fe, 3=Li, 58=Ce; 28=Ni, 27=Co, 57=La, 16=S.
21-10, 22:59 agent86
Wife is correct answer. Alarm clock gets an honourable mention.
20-09, 23:21 agent86
The parrot cannot hear anything. It is deaf.
19-09, 20:48 agent86
C'mon. That's an old one. The survivors wouldn't be buried at all. They'd be alive.


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