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19-07, 03:49 The Napster
"A naked blonde walks into a bar, carrying a poodle under one arm and a 6 foot salami under the other. The Bardtender says, 'So, I don't suppose you'd be needing a drink?' The blonde says......"
19-07, 03:48 The Napster
What is your best punchline to the joke?
16-06, 02:17 The Napster
Ha Ha Ha Echo
07-06, 16:31 The Napster
Don't forget CAVS V GS Tonight ! Should be quite a game
04-06, 17:11 The Napster
Man it's hot, thank you for AC and IPTV
29-05, 22:36 The Napster
That's right maird57, when we ask questions in the forum we get a better answer in one thread not a lot of questions jumbled together
27-05, 23:59 The Napster
Right now would like to thank mods who are doing a good job of scrubbing the spam. We might make a couple of changes but we want to make sure all who want to can get to the board
27-05, 23:58 The Napster
Tried that on another forum - porn spam posters section won't be deleted, but Spam is outsourced so they don't read English
24-05, 14:13 The Napster
Eww 10000 lashes with a wet noodle
24-05, 01:47 The Napster
OTT or PITT to the Stanley cup finals?
15-05, 16:28 The Napster
Just in time for Hockey ! Thank you Sonyman
13-05, 19:04 The Napster
OTT 0 PITT 0 We got game NHL on Now
07-05, 15:51 The Napster
You got it odie66 good one
07-05, 01:18 The Napster
sneh you will want to ask in the kodi section but basically you will download kodi and run player
07-05, 01:16 The Napster
close but no cigars
06-05, 20:38 The Napster
Napster Quiz - in NHL Hockey - what is a yard sale?
28-04, 22:46 The Napster
The Napster Movie quiz .... in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds; who played Eleanor?
28-04, 09:04 The Napster
Thank you jonolach Welcome to The Napster !
24-04, 19:04 The Napster
That's when you turn the shower on parryusa
24-04, 19:04 The Napster
Hi Maird57 how are things going
24-04, 18:43 The Napster
when you flush the toilet all the english come on
07-04, 22:54 The Napster
It's Friday Night !!
03-04, 08:50 The Napster
Llama Llama Challenge
agent86 accepted the Challenge and won!
23-03, 21:34 The Napster
jinx84 Has beaten the llama llama challenge !!!!! Congratulations jinx84 !
23-03, 17:54 The Napster
Who dares to try the Llama Llama Challenge?


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