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09-09, 19:34 The Napster
Riddle me this...A woman is outside a shop. She can't read the signs but she knows she needs to go in to make a purchase. What store is she at?
26-08, 21:59 The Napster
Vegas could be nervous about who is going to win
26-08, 20:53 The Napster
Anyone Bet on the Fight? A boxer against UFC fighter this should be interesting !
26-08, 20:52 The Napster
right now not heard anything should be up
26-08, 20:52 The Napster
If you could start thread in service feedback section title Fight Night today's date lets see if anyone else having issues
26-08, 20:51 The Napster
might have put resources to fight channel -- most people want to see that
25-08, 21:56 The Napster
NAPSTER MOVIE RIDDLE .... Name the Actor and movie .... He was the main character in the movie, but had no lines and did not appear in the main part of the movie.
25-08, 21:53 The Napster
good one GCOOP
09-08, 13:26 The Napster
06-08, 16:23 The Napster
Who dares trying the Llama Llama Challenge?
29-07, 14:29 The Napster
I think I must be single ... last night I had to google 'how to boil an egg'
28-07, 10:51 The Napster
Old Milwaukee - $4.50 a case of bottles - Takes me back to School Daze
19-07, 03:49 The Napster
"A naked blonde walks into a bar, carrying a poodle under one arm and a 6 foot salami under the other. The Bardtender says, 'So, I don't suppose you'd be needing a drink?' The blonde says......"
19-07, 03:48 The Napster
What is your best punchline to the joke?
16-06, 02:17 The Napster
Ha Ha Ha Echo
07-06, 16:31 The Napster
Don't forget CAVS V GS Tonight ! Should be quite a game
04-06, 17:11 The Napster
Man it's hot, thank you for AC and IPTV
29-05, 22:36 The Napster
That's right maird57, when we ask questions in the forum we get a better answer in one thread not a lot of questions jumbled together
27-05, 23:59 The Napster
Right now would like to thank mods who are doing a good job of scrubbing the spam. We might make a couple of changes but we want to make sure all who want to can get to the board
27-05, 23:58 The Napster
Tried that on another forum - porn spam posters section won't be deleted, but Spam is outsourced so they don't read English
24-05, 14:13 The Napster
Eww 10000 lashes with a wet noodle
24-05, 01:47 The Napster
OTT or PITT to the Stanley cup finals?
15-05, 16:28 The Napster
Just in time for Hockey ! Thank you Sonyman
13-05, 19:04 The Napster
OTT 0 PITT 0 We got game NHL on Now
07-05, 15:51 The Napster
You got it odie66 good one


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