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10-02, 14:18 zaptor99
mag 254 was replaced by 322
27-10, 18:40 zaptor99
I know the answer but who wrote the note? The victim had time to translate the names as he was dying, or the stupid killers left their names just for fun?
14-10, 11:19 zaptor99
You'll be eaten by a crocodile or a dingo, or bitten by a huge spider before you get a chance to check the drains
19-09, 12:13 zaptor99
I say Mel should dump him if he can't deliver the ring himself.
04-09, 17:34 zaptor99
04-09, 16:23 zaptor99
The answer was Trump, you guys brought your wives and in-laws into this. Deeper issues
03-09, 18:45 zaptor99
lol, no
03-09, 12:33 zaptor99
What's orange, with white raccoon eyes, and has weird blond hair?
17-08, 11:24 zaptor99
How to get away with murder
16-08, 19:33 zaptor99
The wife was mopping the floor, he slipped, fell on a trampoline, bounced back up and his head went through the rope noose, which his wife "accidentally" left hanging from the ceiling.
08-08, 20:24 zaptor99
that's easy, I also come after d and before f
07-08, 19:07 zaptor99
Grrr, hmm, how about a clock or a mirror?
07-08, 16:57 zaptor99
A scale


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